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“The best song is what none but one’s self doth know...”

"There was a time when it was a disgrace to be a Christian. But then you began to conquer the masses and so you were able to turn the tables and make virtue a disgrace. Then you labeled us the “strange” ones and called us heathens. We have remained “strange”, despite your insults. We will never be a mass or a herd. Do you know that there are, also, many among you who are “strange” as we are? Why do you not throw away the beggar’s rags which cover the noble garments of your manhood? Are you ashamed to be“strange”? Afraid to be called heathens? When you Christians have finished burying your god in the sky—come to us; we heathens will again show you the Creator. And do not think we have settled accounts with you Christians. We weigh silently—but we do not weigh with false weights."

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Give up


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Faring Forth
59x42cm watercolor
November 2013

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